Our Story


We are Emergency Response Specialists

With over 20 years’ experience in the emergency response field, McLeod Paramedical Solutions serves to provide and maintain professional, affordable and accountable rescue and medical services for our business partners in Australia and the Asia Pacific region. As emergency response specialists, our focus is on providing high quality, professional personnel and affordable contracts for businesses in the Mining, Construction, Manufacturing and Resources industries. We believe that all lives matter and that is why, at our client's request, we can provide free health check clinics to all communities when working in the Asia Pacific region.

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Rescue Services

At McLeod Paramedical Solutionswe provide a professional, private emergency response to the mining, oil and gas, heavy construction and manufacturing industries.

Medical Services

We provide medical teams of consulting doctors, nurses and paramedics to businesses throughout Australia and neighbouring countries.

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Our Experience

McLeod Paramedical Solutions was founded by Tony McLeod, who had 20+ years of experience with the Queensland Ambulance Service before moving into Paramedic Rescue Services. Tony has a modern and proactive approach to improving the skill base of his teams, through real-time training in the work environment. He has a balanced perspective to critical risk management and auditing for all industrial and resources related sectors.

See all of Tony’s qualifications and experience here.

Supporting McLeod Paramedical Solutions is a qualified team of emergency response specialists and medical practitioners. McLeod Paramedical Solutions also has a professional working relationship with Vector360 who provide specialist support including both rotary and fixed wing aeromedical retrieval and search and rescue services.

At McLeod Paramedical Solutions all rescue personnel have a state emergency or military background and qualifications in Paramedic Science, Mine Emergency Response, Training and Assessment, and Security Operations. The medical teams are fully qualified practitioners who constantly undertake training and professional development programs in order to stay at the top of their respective fields of medicine.

The team is here to provide the medical and rescue services for your business needs. Just get in touch for more information.


Our Values



We value our staff, our business partners and their employees, but most of all, we value lives.



To succeed in our field, our people always need to be at the top of their game. We hire only the best qualified people, and we’re constantly seeking to help them improve their skills.


AT McLeod Paramedical Solutions, we’re focused on relationship building because we believe teamwork saves lives.



McLeod Paramedical Solutions is 100% Australian owned and operated, and we aim to support local communities throughout the pacific nations with free health check clinics.




Pride, passion, energy and enthusiasm is at the heart of everything we do.